Cincinnati Poetry Month Daily Project

April is National Poetry Month and by mayoral proclamation (see below), April 2017 was declared Poetry Month in Cincinnati too.  Throughout the month of April, Cincinnati Poet Laureate Pauletta Hansel posted daily poems by Cincinnati authors on her blog. These were also shared on the Poet Laureate Facebook page. While both Poetry Month 2017 and Pauletta’s tenure are over, the poems remain available on her blog, and are searchable using the Search function on any page of The poets are:

Susan Glassmeyer
Mark Flanagan
Emery Grey
Desirae Hosley
Gerry Grubbs
Karen Jaquish
Richard Westheimer
Ella Cather Davis
Annette Wick
Don Bogen
Nicky Westrick
Andrew Boettcher
John Cruze
Roberta Schultz
Leslie Clark
Rita Coleman
Sara Wagner
Caroline Plasket
Kelly Thomas
Ellen Austin-Li
Karen George
Dale Marie Prenatt
Vickie Cimprich
Lynn Robbins
Vince Broerman
Michael Henson
Joseph Enzweiler
Erica Reid
Terry Focht
Debbie Westheimer
Elese Monet
Patrick Venturella
Kamal Kimball
Nancy Jentsch
Jennifer Davis
Rhonda Pettit
Gwyneth Stewart
Scott Whitehurst
LaWanda Walters
John Drury
Connie Murray
Preeti Parikh
Richard Hague
Annie Hinkle
Jerry Judge
Bea Wissel
Aralee Strange
Chuck Stringer
Deborah Jordan
Pauletta Hansel

We hope you enjoy!

The City of Cincinnati established the Poet Laureate position in April 2016 with Pauletta Hansel’s  two-year term. With her mission of connecting people to poetry and through poetry, Pauletta has since conducted over two dozen events: workshops offered to children, teens, adults and seniors throughout Cincinnati and readings for and with Cincinnati’s vibrant community of poets, literary organizations and readers. Earlier this month, CityBeat named Pauletta Cincinnati’s Best Ambassador for Poetry in recognition of this work.