Poet Laureate Plan

Pauletta Hansel
Cincinnati Poet Laureate

The role of Cincinnati’s Poet Laureate is both that of connecting people to poetry and connecting people through poetry. The Poet Laureate Status Report Page contains reports of past and planned activities, based on the plan, below.

1. Offer a series of writing experiences for adults and youth where we explore the nature of our communities and our city by collaborating with the Cincinnati Recreation Centers and Senior Centers and other willing community organizations.
A. Participants write their own poems
B. I will craft composite poems with lines from each writer to capture the spirit of these gatherings and of the communities they represent.
C. I’ll also write my own poem cycle inspired by my interactions with my fellow Cincinnati residents.

2. Develop a plan to make these writings—the participants’ and my own—widely visible and enjoyed.
A. Poet Laureate webpage on the City website
B. Poet Laureate Facebook page
C. Advocate using the poems to begin public meetings as well as displaying them in the recreation centers and parks, at Findlay Market, City Hall—and perhaps in the new streetcar!

3. Explore reinstituting the City’s Neighborhood Poet Laureate program. Residents from each of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods would be invited to each submit a poem to be considered as Poet Laureate of his or her neighborhood.

4. Poetry as commentary on public events, from celebrating Opening Day with a baseball poem to speaking our shared grief when experiencing tragedy or the death of community leaders.
A. Using website and Facebook page to post poems that I select.
B. Explore inviting the public to submit poems (that they select or write) that speak to public events to be posted on PL website.

5. Help publicize and support the vast range of poetry organizations and poets in the greater Cincinnati area.