Postcards from the Pandemic: Cincinnati Poetry Month 2020 Archive

In April 2020, Poetry Month as always, Cincinnati’s past and current Poets Laureate, Pauletta Hansel and Manuel Iris, teamed up to offer a Cincinnati Poetry Month project intended help our poets document life during this spring when very little seemed “as always.” We invited all Cincinnati area poets to write and submit “Postcards from the Pandemic.” Pauletta’s poem, which appears at the bottom of the page, was offered as an example. Pauletta and Manuel selected poems submitted by our community to post daily in April on Pauletta’s Blog and in the Poet Laureate of Cincinnati Facebook Group ( from which they were widely shared. Manuel translated several of these short poems into his native Spanish, which we published alongside the English original. Below you may find links to all the published poems.

We hope this project will be of value in many ways—area poets will have the opportunity to write and share during Poetry Month; we will use poetry to connect with others in our community and beyond in this time of social distancing; and by recording our firsthand experiences through poetry, we will be creating a record of our community’s life in this historic time.

We also thank local publications CityBeat and Cincinnati Magazine for helping to spread the word!

Pauletta and Manuel

April 1 Erica Manto Paulson

April 2: Diana Becket and Jerry Judge

April 3: Richard Hague* and Pam Korte *

April 4: Karen George and Karen Novak

April 5: Ron Mohring and Rita Coleman

April 6: Rhonda Pettit and Jason Martin

April 7:  David Petreman and Nicholas Korn

April 8: Abby Wheeler * and Madeleine Crouse

April 9: Nancy K. Jentsch and Barbara Lyghtel Rohrer

April 10: Brook Batch and John Cruze

April 11: Michael Maul, Chris Gutjahr, Jane Pugliana and Vickie Cimprich

April 12: Courtney Neltner Kleier, Jacqueline Johnson-Wilkinson (Gifted) and Lynn Robbins

April 13: Mark Flanigan, Joanne Greenway and Owen Cramer

April 14: Jacob Minasian, Christine Wilson and Anne Cahill

April 15: Karen Jaquish* and Susan Glassmeyer*

April 16: Nicholas Caudill, Ellen Austin-Li, Phebe Beiser and Zohreh Zand

April 17: Kris Gillis and Katelyn Weldon

April 18: MoPoetry Phillips, Carlos “El Principito” García León (in English and Spanish) and HIlda Weaver

April 19: Sara Moore Wagner, Lauren Magee and Annie Hinkle

April 20: Yana Keck, Jaisha Jansena, Judy Dominic and Kevin McHugh

April 21: Casey Harloe, Meridith Owensbey and Elaine Olund

April 22: Bea Wissel, Deborah Jordan and Chuck Stringer

April 23: Barbara Tonne* and Susan Scardina*

Aprl 24: Terri L. Alekzander,  Gwyneth Stewart and  Elissa Yancey

April 25: Annette Januzzi Wick, Teri Foltz and Ella Cather-Davis

April 26:  Amanda McKenzie, Eric R. Eble, Nancy Watrous and  Nathan Granger

April 27: Leslie Clark, Clarity Amrein, Rebecca Luce and Tonkia Bridges

April 28: Agnes Burdsall, Nancy Jones and Kathleen Spada

April 29: Dick Westheimer, Mary Nemeth, Helen Schwerling and Beth Smith

April 30: Roberta Schultz* and Sherry Cook Stanforth*

May 1: Manuel Iris* and Pauletta Hansel

*Translated into Spanish by Manuel Iris.


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