Pauletta Hansel

Cincinnati Poetry Month Daily: Poems by Nancy K. Jentsch and Jen Davis


Today’s offering is two poems by two northern Kentucky poets, Nancy K. Jentsch of Camp Springs, whose book Authorized Visitors will be out soon from Cherry Grove Collections, and Jen Davis of Villa Hills. I admire them for how each natural image offered is both utterly itself, and more…

Untamed Sweetness

Black raspberries ripen wild at creek’s edge
my eyes close, lips tingle
to memories of brimming backyard bushes.

These untended berry-gems hide tiny
behind stickers beyond reach.
I bend the canes to mine the ready flesh

lest deer or songbirds steal
the pear-fed coyote plunder.
At days end, red-lipped,

I leave a fruit or two of untamed sweetness
like words that stray from verses
and still are pearls.

Nancy K. Jentsch
Published in Route 7 Review. Vol. IV (2016): 47.


Two Trees

Two trees stand together
in an otherwise naked field,
branches linked like
young lovers’ fingers,
roots twisted into a
labyrinth of nourishment and survival.

When high winds sweep across their grasses,
spiraling and conspiring with rain and lightning,
the West Tree leans east and the East Tree
pulls in a breath.
Their tangled foundation gives them leverage
as saturated soil gives and takes.

Jen Davis
Originally published online by Peacock Journal in December 2016.

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