Pauletta Hansel

Downtown Walking Sonnets


In October 2016 The Mercantile Library graciously hosted a group of us for a Cincinnati Walking Sonnet workshop—a new Poet Laureate project in which I invite poets to take a walk (with or without me) in one of our 52 neighborhoods, drafting a 14 line poem along the way. Seven sonnets were written as a result, and can be read here. From our seven poems I created an additional sonnet, Downtown Walking: A CompoSonnet. I hope you enjoy! And more than that, I hope it inspires you to write your own!

Downtown Walking: A CompoSonnet

Pink. That’s how I remember the windowed
stores with names of Cincinnati now gone,
with their long, tall windows, like a lighthouse.
Large clay pots of yellow marigolds grace
up the wrought iron balconies. Four ashen
Bengal striped soirées stumble through construction,
flirt with me, remind me of girlhood days.
My fountain is flowing thick with intentions.
Turn the corner to find the Renaissance –
the river beyond. My shadow lurks
in a grove of gingkoes along the highway,
their long skeletal fingers beseeching
for spare change. I balk, clam up, walk back past
pink bridge over the arcade – memory.
Composed by Pauletta Hansel with lines by Pauletta Hansel, Nina Knueve, Preeti Parikh and Susan Scardina. Read the full sonnets here.

I look forward to walking and writing with students from Moeller High School and Clark Montessori High School later this year. A full description of the Cincinnati Walking Sonnet Project can be found here, as well links to instructions for the sonnet walk and to an ever-growing group of poems written on these walks.