Pauletta Hansel

Poems and Drawings by the Young Artists of McKie


Yesterday was the last of my visits to the Cincinnati Rec Centers for 2016. This time I had the joy of working with the little guys, mostly first and second graders in the Afterschool Program at McKie Recreation Center in Northside. The energy bounced from their chairs to the ceiling and back again! Here’s the poem we composed together, along with some samples of their original work. Enjoy!


 by McKie Recreation Center’s Afterschool Program (compiled by Cincinnati Poet Laureate Pauletta Hansel)

All my stuff is there.
I see my Mom cooking.
I like watching TV.
I like my spider.
I was sad because my scorpion died
when he was 10.
I love my hedgehog, my phone
and flying kites.
I love my house.